Foot Protection

For Military Vehicles

Foot Pads

Med-Eng’s combat vehicle Foot Pads are customized to protect the lower limbs of occupants in tracked and wheeled combat vehicles against blast events.

  • Reduce the severity of injury to the lower leg by isolating the occupant and absorbing energy transferred through the floor during an explosive event.
  • Can be installed in new vehicle builds or vehicles.
  • Easily integrated into position to protect forward and side-facing Troops, Commanders and Drivers.
  • Highly recommended for use in conjunction with Med-Eng Blast Attenuation Seats as part of a comprehensive crew survivability solution that also includes blast sensors and personnel cooling systems.
  • Energy Attenuation System to protect against a significant blast event (one time usage following blast event).
  • Designed for single or dual leg configuration.
  • Non-skid surface.
  • Operates effectively regardless of ambient temperature.
  • Available in standard and customized configurations.