Next Generation


Proven Protection and Capabilities

Trusted to Save Lives in Over 100 Countries and Territories Worldwide.

Med-Eng designs, tests and manufactures equipment and tools that set the standard for protection and capabilities.  Our solutions work because we conduct aggressive research programs to develop systems that mitigate threats and meet operational requirements.  Our commitment to saving lives by providing effective equipment and responsive service has earned us the respect of leading military and public safety agencies around the world.



Suits, Helmets and Accessories

Bomb Suits

Med-Eng Bomb Suits are trusted because they have been proven to save lives.  We offer full scale suit and helmet ensembles for EOD and CBRNe operations, as well as lighter blast protective suits and visors for Tactical missions, Search, K9 Handling, military UXO tasks and Humanitarian Demining programs.

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Modular Solutions for HAL, EOD and Search

for HAL, EOD and Search

BombTec Modular Solutions for HAL, EOD and Search

BombTec is a system of Kits and Modules that enables users to select and deploy with exactly the right equipment for their particular mission.
BombTec kits offer core to enhanced capabilities. Alternatively, end users can build their own customized solutions based on Modules – or Kits with Modules – to meet their specific requirements.

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Measure. Inform. Track.


Med-Eng has applied its knowledge of blast physics to develop sensors that record and display data from explosive events and low-level overpressure caused by exposure to firing heavy weapons or explosive forced entry training.  This helps team leaders track cumulative exposure, modify training methods and assess how best to protect personnel.

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Driver, Commander, Troop & Crew

Blast Attenuation Seats

Med-Eng has fielded approximately 10,000 Blast Attenuation Seats in military vehicles to mitigate explosive threats and automotive accidents.  Seats for the Driver, Commander, and Crew/Troops can be delivered for new vehicles and retrofits, based on each vehicle’s unique requirements for protection, occupant functionality, available space and weight.

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The men and women who serve on the front lines are an inspiration to all of those who value the principles of peace, order and justice. These brave individuals go to work each day for the greater good of us all. The Med-Eng Saves Club offers an opportunity to pay tribute to survivors of blast incidents.

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