Med-Eng Saves Club

What is the Med-Eng Saves Club?

What is the Med-Eng Saves Club?

The Med-Eng Saves Club honors a distinct group of public safety Bomb Technicians, military EOD Operators and humanitarian Deminers who, during the line of duty experienced a critical life-threatening incident where their Med-Eng personal protective equipment contributed to saving their life.

These men and women who serve on the front lines are an inspiration to all of those who value the principles of peace, order and justice. These brave individuals go to work each day for the greater good of us all. The Med-Eng Saves Club offers an opportunity to pay tribute to survivors of blast incidents as well as those whose lives were saved by other Med-Eng equipment.

Who is eligible to be recognized by the Saves Club?

Anyone who was wearing or relying upon Med-Eng protective equipment during an incident and believes the equipment was instrumental in helping to save their life is invited to submit an application.  There is no time limit on when the incident occurred, meaning people who experienced an incident many years ago are still invited to submit an application or speak with our Saves Club Program Manager at the coordinates below.

How do I apply or get additional information?

To apply, simply complete the Med-Eng Saves Club Applicationand submit it to Chris Cowan, the Med-Eng Saves Club Program Manager, at the coordinates below.  He will promptly contact you to discuss the application and answer any questions about the program.  You can nominate yourself or a colleague, although the colleague must ultimately agree to be nominated.

Med-Eng Saves Club Application

Chris Cowan
Med-Eng Saves Club Program Manager

How are Members recognized?

People who are welcomed into the Saves Club will be honored in several ways.  Club Members will be recognized through a small and respectful presentation during which time they will receive a number of items to commemorate their contribution to public safety.
Internally at Med-Eng, we will advise all our associates (employees) through an internal announcement and increase the Saves Count by one.  Med-Eng associates consistently rank ‘opportunity to help save lives’ as a reason for joining the company, and every new Member’s induction is warmly embraced.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Yes.  Any details the nominee chooses to provide to the Program Manager will be kept in confidence.  This information is only requested in order to help assess how the protective equipment performed under real life conditions, which are very difficult to replicate in research settings. By way of example, we have not published any details on our Saves Club inductees on our website or social media.

Med-Eng Saves Club Application