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Med-Eng designs, tests, manufactures and sells personal protective equipment and tools to protect the lives of military and public safety personnel in approximately 100 countries and territories.  Our range of integrated solutions includes Bomb Suits, Robots, Specialized Tools for Search and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Blast Sensors, Blast Attenuation Seats, and Cooling and Heating Systems.  Med-Eng is very proud to be a brand of The Safariland Group since 2013, sharing the same values and commitment to saving lives.

Since the company was established in 1981, Med-Eng has pursued aggressive research programs to understand blast effects on the human body.  More recent research has advanced how best to mitigate thermal threats facing bomb technicians, military vehicle crews and sensitive electronics.   By applying scientific knowledge, the latest technological offerings and an experience-based understanding of operational requirements, our product development teams bring highly effective solutions to market.  Many of our products set the de facto standard for performance, capabilities and reliability, often in the harshest operating conditions.

Med-Eng believes strongly in educating end users about the threats they face, so they can reduce their exposure to blast and thermal threats.  We actively support our end user communities by listening to their concerns, conducting technical briefings and participating in their professional training events.  Our Customer Support team is highly responsive and takes personal ownership of requests for assistance.  Our global network of international distributors is always ready to answer customer inquiries and provide local support.  The selfless and admirable contributions of our end user communities are recognized through our sponsorship of annual awards and the Med-Eng Saves Club.

Based on the strength of protecting lives for nearly 40 years, Med-Eng has earned the trust of end users in approximately 100 countries and territories worldwide.  To learn more about our equipment or to speak with a local representative near you, please contact and to learn more about The Safariland Group, please visit