Customized to Your Team

To help support Bomb Squads and EOD Teams during the COVID-19 pandemic, Med-Eng is hosting a series of free, short Webinars, starting in October 2020.

These will be live, so you can ask questions, take just 20 minutes and cover topics that provide hands-on advice to improve your operational safety and effectiveness.  These will NOT be online commercials.  That’s what website and ads are for.

Each webinar will be restricted to actively serving Bomb Techs and EOD Operators, so that we can speak openly while respecting your security.  Please register and we will send you a link to attend.

Our first webinar will be “Tips for EOD 10 Fitting and COVID-19 Cleaning”, presented by a Senior Product Specialist and former EOD Operator.

Please fill out the registration form below for access to our informative webinar series.