TM 700

Telescopic Manipulator

TM 700 Telescopic Manipulator

The TM 700 Telescopic Manipulator enables EOD operators and Bomb Technicians to deploy EOD tools such as a disruptor or X-ray plate, remove obstacles, or handle suspicious objects, where operating procedures permit.  Its primary benefit is to increase the Bomb Technician’s standoff distance from a threat when use of a robot is not an option.

This new generation of remote manipulator has several new features, including:

  • Claw pitch rotates 240°
  • Claw rotates left/right 360°
  • Left/Right handguard
  • 5 Pairs of interchangeable claw tips
  • Battery power indicator
  • Uses either rechargeable or disposable “D” cell batteries (12 VDC)
  • Adjustable, locking counterweight system
  • Detachable wheeled fulcrum for greater lift and reduced physical strain on the operator
  • Assembles quickly and without any tools
  • Stores in a ruggedized case that fits easily into response vehicles


An optional High Definition (HD) video camera system, including a tablet that records video and photos, can be mounted to the TM 700 Telescopic Manipulator.  This improves the operator’s view of the claw’s placement, and the imagery it captures can be used for training and evidence.


In addition to securely and precisely placing Bomb Disposal tools or clearing obstacles, it can reach into areas that would be difficult or dangerous for a Bomb Technician wearing a Bomb Suit to access, such as bushes or under a vehicle.

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