Modular Solutions

for HAL, EOD Tools and Search

BOMBTEC™ is a system of Kits and Modules that enables users to select and deploy with exactly the right equipment for their particular mission.

Med-Eng offers Kits that provide core, standard and enhanced capabilities. The composition of the Kits is based on decades of military EOD and public safety Bomb Technician experience of Med-Eng team members.

Hook and Line

  • IED and UXO Render Safe Procedures
  • Vehicle and Building Clearance
  • Maritime Operations

EOD Tools

  • Building and Container Access
  • UXO Operations
  • Explosive Demolition


  • Post Blast and Forensic Investigations
  • Evidence Collection and Contraband Detection
  • Customs, Ports and Border Security


Alternatively, end users can build their own customized system of capability Modules – or Kits and Modules – based on their unique operational requirements.

BOMBTEC is formally launching very soon. To be notified, please complete the form below. After launch, you’ll see all the Kits, Modules and how to combine them in a very smart carrier system.

To learn more about our current line of Bomb Disposal and Search Tools, please Click Here.