Med-Eng is proud to introduce the BOMBTEC™ system of Hook and Line (HAL®), EOD Tools and Search equipment.

BOMBTEC™ is a system of Kits and Modules that enables users to select and deploy with exactly the right equipment for their particular mission.

Med-Eng offers Kits that provide core, standard and enhanced capabilities. The composition of the Kits is based on decades of military EOD and public safety Bomb Technician experience of Med-Eng team members.

Alternatively, end users can build their own customized system of capability Modules – or Kits and Modules – based on their unique operational requirements.

  • IED and UXO Render Safe Procedures
  • Vehicle and Building Clearance
  • Maritime Operations

  • Building and Container Access
  • UXO Operations
  • Explosive Demolition

  • Post Blast and Forensic Investigations
  • Evidence Collection and Contraband Detection
  • Customs, Ports and Border Security