Height Adjustment to Allow “Head-in” or “Head-out” Operation

Commander / Gunner Seats

Med-Eng Customized Commander Blast Attenuation Seats protect tracked and wheeled combat vehicle Commanders by isolating them from the effects of a blast event or automotive accident.

  • Provide full height adjustment to allow occupant to ride “head-in” or “head-out”
  • Can be mounted to the ceiling, wall or floor as needed
  • Currently in use on multiple wheeled and tracked combat vehicles
  • Can be integrated with an optional vehicle-based personnel cooling system, a blast sensor and floor mounted foot pads for a complete crew survivability solution
  • Recoverable Energy Attenuation System protects against both phases of the blast event – the initial “lift off” and subsequent “slam down”
  • Customized for new and retrofitted vehicles
  • Fore, Aft, Height and Seat Back Recline adjustment to suit occupant tasks
  • Optional head rest can be adjustable and removable as required
  • Seat cushion and covering fabrics selected for Health, Safety and Comfort
  • 4 or 5-point seatbelts with All-Belts-To-Seat to ensure the occupant remains restrained during all phases of a blast or automotive event
  • Compliant with the applicable sections of FMVSS and ECE requirements
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