Next Generation

Protection & Capabilities

EOD 10 Helmet

The EOD 10 Helmet, now offered in the EOD 10E model revision, is trusted in over 50 countries worldwide.  Its user-focused design improves situational awareness, protection and fit.

  • Certified‘ to the NIJ Standard 0117.01 for bomb suits.  Note that claims such as ‘compliant’ and ‘meets’ are not acceptable substitutes for ‘certification’ and should be challenged.  See * details below.
  • Integrated Voice Command system controls new light options, and provides enhanced warning and confirmation systems to support users in a variety of operational environments.
  • Unique helmet liner system for a comfortable and weight-balanced fit.
  • Outstanding protection levels that meet or exceed the NIJ Standard 0117.01 for Public Safety Bomb Suits.
  • Integrated Voice Command system keeps the user’s hands free to carry or deploy tools
  • Helmet and remote control unit work as an integrated system to enhance situational awareness that helps the user interact with their environment and be informed
  • Adjustable ventilation to mitigate heat stress and keep the user feeling refreshed and focused
  • Mission-specific lighting to give the user the best option for their operational environment
  • Shielded electronics for compatibility with Electronic Countermeasures when dealing with a Radio Controlled IED
  • * Only bomb suits and helmets that have passed independent testing, and have been made by a Manufacturer that has been evaluated for the Quality Assurance and manufacturing control requirements of NIJ CR-0117.00 by an NIJ-approved certification body, are ‘Certified‘ to the NIJ Standard 0117.01 for bomb suits.