Record Video

For Evidence and Training

EOD 10 Camcorder

  • Captures High Definition (HD) video during live operations and training exercises for evidence, forensic analysis and review training.
  • Optimized vertical viewing angle based on extensive Human Factors Engineering
  • Integrated into Face Shield for consistency that is very difficult to achieve by attaching a camera using Velcro® or tape
  • Wide angled lens for lateral view of the operator’s surrounding environment
  • Low profile to reduce risk of snagging
  • 720p HD video for high-quality image capture
  • One-button operation with coloured LEDs to indicate recording, low battery level and charging status
  • Capable of recording audio
  • Weather-resistant design for use in harsh climates
  • Time/Date stamp for evidence collection and recordkeeping
  • Internal battery (90 minute record time)
  • Equipped with an 8 GB Class 4 microSD Card to record up to two hours of video
  • Easily removed from visor as required for connection to PC or for cleaning
  • Does not require extensive training