Outstanding Comms

For Med-Eng Bomb Suits

Ceotronics CT-DECT Radio

CT-DECT radio is widely recognized for its superior performance

  • Crystal clear full duplex sound quality and remarkably low power consumption
  • Connects to the EOD 10 and EOD 9 Helmets via an integrated cord in the Bomb Suit
  • Deployed in numerous countries by leading First Responder agencies
  • Offers the technical capabilities needed for EOD missions in public safety and military operations
  • Range can be extended through a re-transmitter for use challenging urban environments
  • A secure solution that allows a team to communicate in full duplex (low power- 10 mW)
  • Range between the two radios is typically 200m (650′) in open terrain and 75m (245′) in urban areas
  • Multiple master/slave configurations are possible
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