Add facial protection to Tactical and Military helmets

Visor Systems

Med-Eng offers two types of visors to protect the facial area from fragmentation, blast overpressure, and heat threats, associated with explosives. The two systems offer very similar protection by model, but use a different method of mounting to a user-supplied helmet.

The TAC Visor System uses a ratchet system to mount to multiple helmets, including the US Army Advanced Combat Helmets (ACH), Canadian CG634 Combat helmet, and US Marine Corps Lightweight helmet. The TAC Visor system also fits a range of other PASGT-style military helmets.

The ARC Visor system is compatible with Ballistic Helmets equipped with BOLTED ARC rails. These systems include PASGT and ACH Helmets, with either high, mid, or low cut that have ARC Rails.

Both visor systems are available in four models, each corresponding to its V-50 fragmentation rating.
TAC 250, TAC 450, and TAC 550.
ARC 250, ARC 450, and ARC 550.

For situations where respiratory protection must be worn, Med-Eng offers the TAC 250 BA and the ARC 250 BA visor models.
Please contact Med-Eng for compatibility between the visor and selected models of respirator or mask.

Both visors remain locked in the raised and lowered position, as operated by the wearer.

TAC Visor Series
ARC Visor System