Modular, Scalable

Multi-Mission Protection

TAC 6E Suit

The TAC 6E is a highly versatile and lightweight blast protection suit for Military EOD Operators and Bomb Technicians supporting SWAT teams/bomb squads.

Military Applications:

  • Dismounted IEDD
  • Demining / Mine Clearance
  • UXO
  • Search
  • K9 / Dog Handlers
  • Route Clearance
  • Suicide Bomber Situations
  • Airmobile IEDD

Police & Law Enforcement Applications:

  • EOD / SWAT Integration
  • Search
  • K9 / Dog Handlers
  • Suicide Bomber Situations

Proven performance:
Subjected to rigorous and documented blast and ballistic testing

  • It protects against blast and fragmentation in “non-permissive” environments where it is not possible or practical to wear a full scale, heavy bomb suit
  • TAC 6E is based on a set of modular components that can be added or removed to meet specific operational and protective requirements
  • Components cover the Chest, Shoulders, Upper and Lower Arms, Groin, Upper and Lower Legs
  • Integrates with Tactical and Combat helmets and the Med-Eng TAC and ARC Visor Systems
  • Protection from blast overpressure, fragmentation, impact (acceleration and deceleration) and heat/flame
  • High mobility and lightweight ergonomic design lets users run, walk, climb, bend, lift and reach more easily
  • Users can add or remove modular protective components as needed
  • TAC 6E suits manufactured at Med-Eng facilities in Pembroke, Ontario, Canada are CE marked

Core Kit Size

The TAC 6E Core Kit contains:
Shoulder Protector, Cummerbund / Suspenders, Ballistic Shorts, Thigh and Lower Leg Protectors

Sleeve Options
Plate Options
T7 Vest
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