HAL Hook & Line Kits

HAL Tactical Kit

The components offered are designed for the needs of Tactical, SWAT, Dismounted IED, IEDD, Route Clearance and other tasks where the operator requires a small but highly specialized set of Hook and Line tools. This highly reliable system is based on a core kit supplemented by a series of Modular Equipment Packs (MEPs). This makes the HAL® Tactical modular, adaptable and keeps it as compact as possible. The components are packaged in specialized Modular Equipment Packs, so end users can purchase the tools they need and customize the kit by selecting only the tools needed when they deploy into action.  The HAL Tactical compact design and low-profile leg mount provide excellent mobility and keep the user’s hands free for other tasks. The carry bag can be quickly attached or detached and includes molly webbing for attaching various tools.

This kit forms the basis on which to build on for custom, task specific, or user defined HAL Tactical Kits. The Core Kit is made up of three Modules comprised of over 20 components. Found within the Core Kit is a high strength Line Module; Basic Clamp & Manipulation Module and an Anchor Module.

The Leg Bag provides the ability to carry the HAL Tactical tools in an easily accessible location while being minimally intrusive to the user. The main zipper compartment houses small pouches which may be repositioned across the Velcro®-lined surface to suit individual requirements. In addition, the pouch includes several external pockets with Velcro closures, ideal for frequently accessed tools, as well as an array of elastic MOLLE straps and more internal pockets.

Designed for dismounted operations, an integrated split belt loop acts to transfer the weight of the kit to the hips while two leg straps keep the kit firmly secured to the thigh. By removing the leg straps and split belt loop, two vertical straps with snap closures are exposed, allowing the main pouch to be worn on compatible MOLLE systems such as might be found on combat vests or plate carriers.

Each of the Modules which make up the HAL Tactical Kit are supplied in a rugged, abrasion-resistant fabric pouch featuring a double slider zipper closure, a mesh pocket on the interior lid, and elastic loops on the interior base. As with the modular approach to the entire BombTec product line, each pouch features Velcro Hook backing and two MOLLE straps with snaps to provide the flexibility to affix modules to the interior or exterior of BombTec carriers, to MOLLE loops on Med-Eng Bomb Suits, or onto to most other tactical equipment.

Core Kit
HAL Tactical Modules

This Clamping Module features a miniature version of the highly regarded HAL® Alligator Grip with the same robust design features found on the original.

The Guidance Module features 2 additional Mini Self-Opening Pulleys (with splitter balls) for increased ability to change direction when moving a suspect package to a safe area. The splitter balls can be stored directly on the self-opening pulleys to minimize the risk of losing them.

The Visibility Module features an 83mm diameter mirror extendable to 750mm, as well as a compact, water resistant push button operated LED flashlight.

The Basic Reach Module features a 1.83 m (6 ft) hook setter pole with a collapsed
length of 240 mm (9.5 in), allowing it to fit inside the leg pouch.

This module features a high-strength, collapsible, 3-arm grappling hook. The tip of
each arm is sharpened to a point to facilitate piercing of fabric bags and the arms
are quickly locked open/closed, allowing for rapid deployment whilst taking up minimal space when stored.

The Demining Module includes a collapsible shovel and non-magnetic mine probe with detachable segments.

The Multi-Tool Module features a strap cutter, lockable tweezers, and an EOD multi-tool which includes both a crimper and a punch among several other standard tools. Additional tools include a strap cutter and tweezers.

The primary component of this module is the 2.3 mm high-strength Dyneema core main line. The line is wound onto a lightweight spool which is fastened to a handheld holder that allows for quick removal of the spool should an additional line be needed. This module includes both a standard and gated hook and a custom mini line puller designed to work with the smaller diameter line.

The primary component within the basic clamp and manipulation module is the mini self-opening pulley. Designed using the same criteria as the larger equivalent in the Core Kits, this smaller version incorporates a quarter turn locking knob with visual locked/unlocked cues and a sheave sized to guide the 2.3 mm main line. Also included in this module are a scaled down splitter ball, a multi-purpose revolving carabiner, and an assortment of basic clamping components.

This module provides basic anchoring capabilities. Lightweight, high-strength ground anchors are the core components of this module along with the 2.3 mm diameter rope loops of two different lengths. Also included are adhesive anchors and screw eyes which are common to all core HAL kits.