Tool Kits

Standard Tool Kit

The BombTec™ Standard Tool Kit contains a comprehensive selection of over 200 hand and powered tools for Access, Investigation and Render Safe Procedures during EOD/IEDD tasks.

The BombTec Backpack Kit is a rugged Backpack. Internally the Backpack is covered in Velcro® strips permitting each of the modules to be secured internally or externally. As with the modular approach to the entire BombTec product line, individual modules can be removed and attached to MOLLE straps on other backpacks or carriers.

This Kit includes pre-established Tool Modules and typically the remainder of the tools are placed into the Tool Roll, Standard.

The Tool Roll, standard is made from a heavy duty black Cordura fabric and features two rows of pockets for the supplied tools to slot into. There is a single webbing loop in the center to secure long heavy tools such as the Claw Hammer in this case. Along the top edge is a folding flap which is used to retain tools prior to rolling. Once rolled two straps close the roll and are secured with two adjustable buckles.