Demining Kit

Individual Demining Kit

The Individual Demining Kit is designed for use by a single operator and provides 15 essential tools and equipment for use in a mined area.

It includes a multipurpose Leg Bag with 4 external and 3 internal pockets and MOLLE attachment points. The composition of the kit permits users to add their own additional equipment in the supplied internal pouches and elastic loops.

This Demining Kit enables the Deminer to achieve the following:

  • Visual search for tripwires
  • Physical search for surface and buried landmines
  • Marking of located or suspected antipersonnel mines, anti-tank mines or hazardous areas
  • Neutralization of common firing mechanisms
  • Removal of anti-personnel and antitank mines by pull

The components are stored in the unique and very popular BombTec pouches for ease of identification, deployment and mounting.

For more complex demining and area clearance tasks, these capabilities can be enhanced with kits or modules from the BombTec HAL, Search and/or Tools range, including the Individual Tool Kit and Core Search Kit.