Tool Modules

Manual Wood Cutting Module

The module provides full-sized tools for cutting through wood whether to gain access or to clear a given area.

The Hand File with a Bastard Cut Type, American tooth pattern of 254mm (10”) length, which is primarily supplied to assist with sharpening of the Felling Axe.

A heavy-duty Bow Saw for demanding occasions, high-quality steel construction with a high impact enamel coating for rust protection. Features an ergonomic handle with knuckle protector for comfort and safety. Supplied with a 21” dry cutting blade.

The general-purpose Wood Saw features a 22” steel blade with filed hard point teeth and a soft touch rubber grip handle.

The Felling Axe is specifically designed for felling trees and chopping logs of wood. The head of the felling axe weighs just under 2lb and sits at the end of a long handle.

The gloves are heavy-duty rigger work gloves made with durable split-grain cowhide leather providing excellent levels of mechanical protection, including protection against abrasion injuries; blisters; contact with dirt; grazes; lacerations & scratches.

For ease of identification, a 5cm (2”) piece of green Velcro is included which may be attached to the exterior of either Small Tool Roll to indicate a preferred set of wrenches, such as Metric or SAE.

The Tool Roll (long) is made from rugged, abrasion-resistant fabric, and is designed to carry large and oddly shaped items. It features an adjustable shoulder strap, and three (3) side release buckles to hold the roll closed. Inside, deep pockets with elastic webbing provide easy access to tools, and Velcro® loops help to hold them in place. There is a strip of Velcro loop for attachment of a pouch. Velcro strips along the sides allow attachment of multiple tool rolls in tandem to form a larger roll.

The two Tool Rolls have been attached to form a larger carrier to accommodate the tools in this module.