Light Excavation Module

Light Excavation Module

This lighter smaller module provides smaller excavation tools which are ideal where space is limited, or perhaps a reduced payload is essential. This wide combination of tools help gain access as well as excavate, their size and application may benefit discretion.

The Keyhole Hacksaw cuts metal or wood and is provided with a 24 point blade which is 191mm (7 ½”) in length and is mounted on a black trigger style pistol grip handle.

The Survival Saw can be used for escape and evasion. The tightly woven (8 wire) stainless steel saw offers increased life-span and reduced weight. It will cut wood, plastic, bone and can be made into a bow saw. It is terminated with two metal ring handles, one larger than the other.

The bypass Secateurs have fully hardened steel blades with a titanium coating and contoured rolling handle which is fitted with an easy-open lock to protect the blade during transport and storage.

The 2lb Sledge Hammer has a drop forged and tempered steel head paired with a hickory handle 280mm (11”) in length.

The Garden Tool Set is a 3pc plastic set of tools and includes a hand trowel, hand transplanter and hand cultivator for all gardening needs. There is a convenient hole at the end of the handle for hanging.

The Hand Trowel has a short, tempered steel blade 140mm (5 ½”) in length.

The folding Entrenching Tool provides a compact shovel constructed in steel using a tempered steel blade with teeth cut into it for cutting and slashing. The Entrenching Tool features a triangular handle which is strong and fits the hand well.

The External Pouch 33 is made from rugged, abrasion-resistant fabric, and features a pass-through sleeve on the interior lid. The interior base has ample room and features a drawstring closure. Side closure zippers can be opened to allow the pouch depth to expand from 2.5” (64mm) to 5” (127mm) in order to accommodate larger product if required. The rear of the pouch features four MOLLE straps with snaps to provide a variety of attachment options, and the pouch is secured with two side release buckles.