Tool Modules

Excavation Module

This module provides full-sized excavation tools which can be used to gain access, excavate a given area, use to move material from one location to the next, to clear up a given area, etc.

The Shovel is a tool used to dig as well as to move loose, granular materials like dirt, gravel, gain or snow from one spot to another.

The Pick Axe is a T-shaped hand tool typically used for prying. It is pointed at one end with a broad flat “axe” blade at the over. A gradual curve characteristically spans the length of the head. The pointed end is used for breaking and prying where the axe for hoeing, skimming and chopping through roots.

The gloves are heavy-duty rigger work gloves made with durable split-grain cowhide leather providing excellent levels of mechanical protection, including protection against abrasion injuries; blisters; contact with dirt; grazes; lacerations & scratches.

The Tool Roll is made from rugged, abrasion-resistant fabric and is designed to carry large and oddly shaped items with a drop-down extension for bulky tool heads. The Tool Roll features an adjustable shoulder strap, and three (3) side release buckles to hold the roll closed. Inside, deep pockets with elastic webbing provide easy access to tools, and Velcro loops help to hold them in place. There is a strip of Velcro loop for attachment of a pouch. Velcro strips along the sides allow attachment of multiple tool rolls in tandem to form a larger roll.

Tool Roll Dropdown Extension is made from rugged, abrasion-resistant fabric, and features webbing straps that attach to the Tool Roll Long so that it hangs below to form a seat for tool heads that are too large to fit inside the roll.