HAL Hook & Line Modules

Lightweight Line Module

The Black Lightweight Line Module provides the core HAL® function of movement. The incorporated snap Hook enables the Technician to attach the main line directly to an item or another piece of HAL equipment. The lighter weight makes this line more portable than the standard Main Line but with a reduced working load.

The 100m Main Line is 4.5mm in diameter, low-stretch and has an Aramid core and a polyester protective overbraid. The line is terminated with a stainless-steel snap-shackle.

The hand-held reel is designed specifically for deploying and winding using a 4.5mm diameter line. The compact design enables the line to be stored easily without the risk of tangling.

A T-bar style pulling handle with diminishing taper ribbed cleats, sized for 3mm to 6mm and 4mm to 8 mm diameter line.

The External Pouch 33 is made from rugged, abrasion-resistant fabric, and features a pass-through sleeve on the interior lid. The interior base has ample room and features a drawstring closure. Side closure zippers can be opened to allow the pouch depth to expand from 2.5” (64mm) to 5” (127mm) in order to accommodate larger product if required. The rear of the pouch features four MOLLE straps with snaps to provide a variety of attachment options, and the pouch is secured with two side release buckles.