HAL Hook & Line Modules

Line Modules

The Line Module is supplied in four configurations, the difference is a different colored line: Black; White; Green and Orange line. At the time of ordering the customer can choose which Line Module is ordered. The green and orange lines offer high visibility options in addition, these lines offer suitable below water visual properties where the orange line is suitable for shallow waters and the green for deeper.

Each Line Module provides the core HAL function of movement. The Line Module includes a main line; cable reel, line puller and a reel bag. The 120m (131.2yd.), 5.5mm (.22in), low-stretch main line has an Aramid core and a polyester protective overbraid. The line is terminated with a stainless-steel snap-shackle which enables the Technician to attach the main line directly to an item or another piece of HAL equipment.

The Reel is mounted on a floor-standing frame which incorporates a carrying handle. It is suitable for storing and deploying the 120m line. The steel reel has a rewind handle, a friction stopper and an adjustable, fully floating brake to control the run-out rate. The reel has 4 rubber feet on its side which provides the option of laying the reel on its side.

The Line Puller has a T-bar style pulling handle with diminishing taper ribbed cleats, sized for 3 to 6mm and 4 to 8 mm diameter line and provides the Technician a positive handle when pulling heavy loads.

The Reel Bag is robust protective bag, fitted with a clear plastic viewing window to give the operator an instant view of the contents without having to open the bag. It also has a pair of external pockets. This bag can be used as a carry bag to bring tools downrange.


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