Inform, Track

Blast Tracker

The Blast Tracker is a wearable, rechargeable blast dosimeter that records, measures, and time/date stamps blast events and accumulated blast exposure.  This low-profile device is sensitive enough to capture low-level overpressure events and robust enough to capture serious blast events that cause acute injury. All event data is stored in a database to track both acute and cumulative low-level blast and impact exposure.


  • High-bandwidth pressure sensor along with three accelerometers capture peak overpressure, accumulated blast exposure, and full acceleration
  • Instantly records and displays data on a backlit LCD display to show key information after a blast overpressure event, including peak pressure and blast impulse allowing the user to scroll through all captured events
  • Provides immediate feedback allowing for on site changes to tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • Ideal for Warfighters and Law Enforcement Personnel who are exposed to blast overpressure events (breaching operations, artillery & mortar fires, airborne operations, large caliber weapons for example) that may contribute to cumulative type injuries (TBI /mTBI) from repeated exposure over time
  • Tracks single and cumulative blast and shockwave events for long term personal exposure, tracking and analysis
  • Cumulative data from repeated blasts can be used to study potential correlations with medical symptoms.
  • Very low profile, mounts to the body, helmet exterior, or nearby physical structures.
  • Includes host software to download, store and analyze cumulative exposure data
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