EOD 10E Helmet Live Video System

EOD 10E Helmet Live Video System

The Med-Eng® EOD® 10E Helmet Live Video system streams digital audio and High Definition (HD) video to a command post where it can be viewed and recorded on a laptop. The command post can then provide real time support to a bomb disposal technician without relying on the technician for verbal descriptions of the scene.

The system records video and audio for analysis after the incident, for criminal prosecution and training.

The system consists of 3 main components, plus an option:

      1. Camera that can mount to the Face Shield
      2. Radios between the Bomb Suit and Command Post, including a rugged storage case.
      3. Live Audio / Video streaming software application at the command post

An optional Repeater Kit is also available for use in non-Line of Sight operations.


      • Wireless live-streaming and recording of Audio and High Definition (HD) Video
      • System supports duplex audio communication between the operator and command post
      • Video is recorded at both the command post and in the camera, on a 64GB SD card
      • High-quality still images may be taken by the Command Post operator
      • No action required by the Bomb Technician, allowing them to focus on the task, not the camera
      • Camera is consistently and seamlessly integrated into the Face Shield at an optimized viewing angle to capture the operator’s hands
      • Does not interfere with the EOD Helmet Face Shield’s ability to lock in the lowered or raised position
      • Works in a wide range of temperatures using MIL-STD-810G, methods 502.5 and 501.5
      • Operates in rainy and dusty environments based on IP55 rating
      • Transmits up to 500 m (1,640’) (Line of Sight) away
      • Broadcast frequency can be adjusted for regional requirements or optimization
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