HAL Hook & Line Modules

Door Opener Module

The Door Opener in conjunction with the Door Anchor Module may be used on any household door providing the core HAL® function of access.

The Door Opener is secured onto the Door Anchor and provides the capability to push open doors remotely.

The Door Opener has a pivot arm fitted with a hydraulic cylinder which when released by pulling on a single operating line, exerts pressure on the door to push it open. The hydraulic arm prevents the door from closing again.

The Multi-Purpose Clamp is a unique triple-prong design with gripping function makes it a versatile and easy to attach to a variety of handles (spherical, cylindrical or lever type) and other fixtures. Within the Door Opener Module, it is used primarily to attach to door handles in conjunction with the Door Opener.

This pouch is made from rugged, abrasion-resistant fabric, and features mesh pockets on the interior lid, and elastic loops on interior rear, which is lined with Hook and Loop for attachment of smaller pouches. The pouch has a double slider zipper closure. The rear of the pouch features MOLLE straps with snaps for attachment to a carrier. A removable adjustable
shoulder strap allows the pouch to be used as a separate carrier. The rear side seams have an open-end zipper to facilitate attachment to additional 50 series pouches to form a larger pack.

This Module must be paired with the Door Anchor Module to function.