HAL Hook & Line Modules

Window Breaker Module

The Window Breaker Module provides the core HAL® function of access by enabling the Operator to break tempered glass and gain access into a vehicle or building (may require a subsequent application).

The Window Breaker is a spring operated device which can be attached to the Self-Adhesive Anchor Pad, when attached to a standard tempered window and operated via the main line, will shatter the glass using the self-cocking spring released steel tip.

The polyester braid covered Rope Loop is a low-stretch line and has an Aramid core. It provides a lazy line to the Window Breaker which is secured to the vehicle or building preventing it from dropping to the ground.

The self-adhesive anchor pads are designed as a onetime use item. The pad is a small square aluminum pad with a hard eye and adhesive backing. The pad can be rigged quickly as an anchor point for both the Window Breaker and Rope Loop. It is most effective when fixed to flat, clean, dry, non-porous surfaces. The Window Breaker Module is compatible for use with the Suction Cup Module.

The pouch is made from rugged, abrasion-resistant fabric and features a mesh pocket on the interior lid, and elastic loops on the interior base. The pouch has a double slider zipper closure. The rear of the pouch features Velcro® Hook and two MOLLE straps with snaps to provide a variety of attachment options.