Tool Modules

Demolition Tools Module

The Dual Cap Crimper is a high quality nonmagnetic, non-sparking tool that offers a dual crimp in one stroke. It is manufactured from quality aluminum and the crimper has a hard-anodized finish. Its strong, smooth surface has durable edges for continuous crimping. The Dual Cap Crimper has a Power Punch and Fuse Cutter for clean, precise cuts of detonation cord. The Dual Cap Crimper is the only dual cap crimper approved and used by leading NATO militaries. It offers exceptional quality and reliability and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Tube/Fuse Cutter is a patented hand tool that is specially designed for precision, accuracy, ease of use and efficiency. It is spring loaded, has a razor sharp blade and is ideal for all cutting applications including: NONEL tube, fuse and detonation cord from 1/16” to 3/16” in diameter. The cutting base provides an exit for powders to be released as the fuse or cord is being cut. It is made from high strength aluminum and comes with a replaceable blade, and a Powder Punch on one handle.

The EOD Multi-Tool is many tools in one, providing numerous tools needed to get various EOD/IEDD tasks done safely and properly. It is a practical addition to the MK6 Dual Cap Crimper and TC11A Tube/Fuse Cutter.

This module is supplied with a pouch.