Med-Eng® Suits & Helmets for EOD, Bomb Disposal and Tactical teams are protecting front line personnel in over 120 countries.

Med-Eng Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed with direct input from end users and rigorously tested to provide integrated systems. After 600 live blast tests and 30 years of experience, Med-Eng Bomb Suits & Helmets and Tactical systems have set the de facto standard for multi-threat protection and operational capabilities.
EOD 10 Suit & Helmet
EOD 10 Suit and Helmet
The next generation Med-Eng bomb suit & helmet ensemble.
EOD 10 Helmet Camcorder
EOD 10 Helmet Camcorder
Capture HD Video with a purpose-built camcorder kit that is easily added to the standard EOD 10 Faceshield.
EOD 9 Bomb Suit
EOD 9 Bomb Suit & Helmet
The highest degree of protection and flexibility for EOD and CBRNe missions.
TAC 6 Tactical Suit
TAC 6 Suit
A highly versatile, modular, lightweight suit for Military EOD Operators, SWAT teams and Bomb Technicians.
Ballistic Visors
Four Med-Eng TAC Visors provide full facial protection against fragmentation to front line personnel.
BCS4 Body Cooling System
BCS4 Body Cooling System
A leg-mounted body cooling system for bomb disposal technicians, to be worn under an EOD suit.
Chemical Protective Undergarment
CPU Chemical Protective Undergarment
Protection against a range of hazardous chemical and biological agents.
EOD 9A Helmet
EOD 9A Helmet
The world's first EMC Class A Helmet for EOD/IEDD operations, offering superior visibility and protection.