HAL Hook & Line Modules

Underwater Collection Module

The Underwater Collection Module provides the Operator with a means to carry additional tools and to recover items in a safe and efficient manner when working on or beneath the water line.

The Line with Holder holds 91m of black paracord which is wrapped around a 43cm poly-carbonate flat hand-held spooler. The paracord line is provided as a consumable item which can be cut to user defined lengths required for successful mission completion.

The small and large collection bags are breathable polyester mesh bags featuring a drawstring top with a cord-lock. The bags can be used to transport tools underwater or act as an evidence collection bag.

The multi-function zip ties can be used to secure, attach and manage a variety of items.

This pouch is made from rugged, abrasion-resistant fabric, and features mesh pockets on the interior lid, and elastic loops on interior rear, which is lined with Hook and Loop for attachment of smaller pouches. The pouch has a double slider zipper closure. The rear of the pouch features MOLLE straps with snaps for attachment to a carrier. A removable adjustable
shoulder strap allows the pouch to be used as a separate carrier. The rear side seams have an open-end zipper to facilitate attachment to additional 50 series pouches to form a larger pack.