Tool Kits

TM 600 Telescopic Manipulator

The TM 600 Telescopic Manipulator provides an improved ability for EOD Technicians to increase their standoff distance when working in close proximity to a suspect package or explosive device. It provides up to 3m (9.8ā€™) of standoff distance between the operator and an explosive threat.

The TM 600 offers a detachable wheel fulcrum to provide mechanical leverage to the operator. An adjustable counterweight and shoulder strap help the operator deploy the tool effectively.

The operator can electronically open, close and rotate the claw. The claw tips are interchangeable and can securely hold various disruptors.

The system is stored in a compact case and is made of water resistant components, including high strength aluminum alloy and a carbon fiber pole. It assembles quickly and easily without tools. The TM 600 can use either rechargeable or disposable ā€œDā€ cell batteries (12 VDC).