Tool Modules

Power Cord Module

This module provides the operator a means to provide AC power for multiple corded electrical tools at the task location.

This 110 Volt Extension 50ft (15.2m) 12 gauge, 3-strand wire cord provides portable power with six (6) outlets. The extension cord is secured on a heavy duty, standalone reel for ease of deployment and features a lighted reset/off switch and is rated at 1875 maximum watt. The reel’s power supply is a 3-prong grounded system with built in circuit-breaker. The cord, reel, and stand are all cold weather flexible to -40°C (-40°F).

The power cord module is supplied in a robust protective Reel Bag which has a clear plastic viewing window, and a pair of external pockets. Additional this bag can be used as a carry bag to bring tools downrange.