HAL Hook & Line Modules

HAL Lightweight Tripod

The HAL Lightweight Tripod was developed specifically for the IEDD role and is designed to assist the remote lifting of smaller objects. The tripod is highly portable and can be placed in position with ease by a bomb technician wearing a fully encapsulated bomb suit such as the EOD 10E. The tripod is inter-operable with all Med-Eng HAL equipment, its maximum load is 90kg (200 lb) under all service conditions.

The Tripod is easily rigged and placed by a single bomb technician and can be used in any intermediate leg position. Self-levelling feet and anchor attachments increase the versatility and range of applications. The legs are manufactured from carbon-fiber to provide strength and to keep weight to a minimum. Pulleys are provided to allow the Line to be rigged to mechanical advantage. The Auxiliary Pulley ensures that pulling force is applied at ground level for maximum stability.