HAL Hook & Line Modules

Bipod Module

The Bipod Module enables the Operator to perform the core HAL® function of access to the engine compartment of a vehicle.

The Bipod provides a sturdy A-frame to route a line at a suitable height, providing leverage causing objects such as a vehicle hood to be raised in a single pull. The bipod can be rigged quickly and easily and is used with an anchor holding it in position. The Bipod features a brace to steady and hold its legs in a firm position; an eyelet to secure an anchor line and a tapered ribbed cleat. The cleat securely holds the main line in the optimum position in readiness to be pulled.

The One-Way Locking Pulley is used to change the direction of pull of the main line and used to lock and hold the line keeping an object (such as a vehicle hood) raised or suspended or to keep the line under tension. The Pulley is fitted with a swivel retaining hook at its top for quick and easy attachment.

The six-piece Hook Set is specifically designed to allow easy and secure attachment of a pull or securing line around modern hood release catches.

The Self-Adhesive Anchor Pads are designed as a onetime use item. The pad is a small square aluminum pad with a hard eye and adhesive backing. The pad can be rigged quickly as an anchor point for a securing line holding the Bipod in position. It can also be used as an attachment point for the Locking Pulley. It is most effective when fixed to flat, clean, dry, non-porous surfaces.

The pouch is made from rugged, abrasion-resistant fabric and features a mesh pocket on the interior lid, and elastic loops on the interior base. The pouch has a double slider zipper closure. The rear of the pouch features Velcro Hook and two MOLLE straps with snaps to provide a variety of attachment options.

The tool roll is made from rugged, abrasion-resistant fabric and features an adjustable shoulder strap, and three side release buckles to hold the roll closed. Inside, deep pockets with elastic webbing provide easy access to tools and Velcro® loops help hold them in place. There is a strip of Velcro loop for attachment of a pouch. Velcro strips along the sides allow attachment of multiple tool rolls in tandem to form a larger roll.