The BombTec Backpack is the main carrier for the BombTec modular system. Its’ ergonomic design with padded backing fits over protective vests & plate carriers with purpose-built shoulder straps and waistband. The clamshell front zipper-lid permits the pack to be opened while standing upright, exposing a hook-and loop (looped) interior as the attachment surfaces for the module pouches in both the main compartment and the interior of the lid.

The exterior of the pack features top and bottom cargo handles for additional carry points. The front and both sides are fitted with standard MOLLE attachment points for the External Pouches of the BombTec modular system and end-user MOLLE compatible equipment.

The BombTec Leg Bag provides the ability to carry the small items, such as the HAL Tactical tools, in an easily accessible location without impeding the user’s mobility. The main zipper compartment houses small pouches which may be repositioned across the Velcro-lined surface to suit individual requirements. In addition, the Leg Bag includes several external pockets with Velcro closures. These are ideal for frequently accessed tools. It also has an array of elastic MOLLE straps.

The Slim Profile 2ndLine™ Main Pack is a low profile bag with a surprisingly large capacity thanks to the efficient organizational layout. The slim profile of the pack allows the wearer to operate more effectively in confined spaces such as vehicles, aircraft and buildings. The internal layout of the pack is customizable with any variation of BombTec Internal Pouches or other accessories fitted with Velcro hook. The MOLLE exterior allows external attachment of BombTec pouches or any other accessories equipped with MOLLE straps. The Main Pack capacity can be doubled
with the attachment of the optional 2ndLine™ External Module which can be affixed to the Main Pack or carried separately to split a load amongst users.

The Slim Profile External Module is an accessory to the 2ndLine™ Main Pack that attaches to the rear, doubling it’s capacity. It easily zips on and off and shares the same compression straps. Both the Main Pack and the External Module can be opened when they are attached without removing the External Module. It can also act as a stand alone pack, should the need arise, with its integrated shoulder straps. The External Module provides modularity and versatility by providing a means to pare down that pack when required. Multiple External Modules can be pre-packed for mission specific needs and attached during the appropriate the circumstance.


Backpack Options *

Dimensions: 565mm x 387mm x 229mm (22.25” x 15.25” x 9”)

Dimensions: 250mm x 190mm x 125mm (10” x 7.5” x 5”)

Dimensions: 500mm x 350mm x 100 mm (20” x 14” x 4”)

Size: 500mm x 350mm x 100 mm (20” x 14” x 4”)