Search Modules

Basic Survey Module

The 8m Tape Measure is an essential part of the Survey Module and has been designed to be compact and lightweight. The ergonomic high-impact case is comfortable to use, while the tylon coated blade offers greater durability and wear, it features large easy to read metric and imperial measurements.

The Measuring Wheel is a digital measuring tool controlled via a telescopic handle with a range of extension from 17” to 38”. The Roller features an easy to read magnified 5-digit counter which measures to a maximum of 9,999.9m, the counter can be reset by tapping the raised reset button with finger or foot.

Note: The Measuring Wheel is only supplied in metric.

The Fiberglass Open Reel has an open 4-arm frame design which does not trap dirt in the case. The durable, lightweight, high-visibility case makes it easy to find, handle and rewind. The 100m yellow clad fiberglass blade shows both metric and imperial measurements and is impervious to moisture. There is also a folding end hook for true-zero measurements.

Polyplastic flagging tape (more commonly referred to as mine tape) which has a highly visible solid color and can be used with marking flags for even better visibility and can be used to demarcate hazardous areas, entry points, edges of cleared areas, etc. Supplied in white and orange rolls. Each roll is 13/16 inch wide and 300 feet long.

The Crime Scene Flags are ideal for marking boundaries, edges of search areas or pinpointing the location of evidence, etc. especially where mine tap cannot be readily secured. It goes without saying, the crime scene flags can be used in conjunction with colored mine tape.

This Duffle Bag has looped handles and includes straps. Made of cotton canvas, it features a rubberized bottom both inside and out to help keep equipment dry on wet ground. The bag has numerous pockets for large and small items both on the exterior and interior of the bag, with zippered closure.