Integrated Sensor

Suite for CBRNe Response

ROV Integrated Sensor Suite

Remotely Operated Vehicle Integrated Sensor Suite (ROVISS) is available for the Avenger and Digital Vanguard-S and incorporates a fully integrated sensor suite that provides real time data over an encrypted network.

  • A powerful capability to manage high-risk situations by concurrently deploying multiple sensors to detect hazardous CBRNe threats
  • Can be configured to detect hazardous threats, including: explosives; radiation; chemical agents; toxic industrial chemicals; toxic industrial materials and biological threats.
  • Encrypted wireless or wired control
  • Advanced electronic design allows integration and expansion of the robotic control system
  • Sensor Data Fusion and Transmission
  • Independent On-Board (multi-port) Computer
  • Sensor Connectivity Information Management (SCIM®) system provides seamless third-party sensor integration with visual and audible Sensor alarm
  • Sealed against the environment certified IP65; providing the ability to be decontaminated
  • Expandable over time, both the DV-S and SCIM® allow additional sensors to be added as required with minimal physical and/or programming changes

The digital sensor information is fused into a single on-board computer and relayed to the X500 Command Console providing a clean and effective display and management tool.

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