And Heating

For military vehicle electronics and occupants

Portable Liquid Circulating Unit (PLCU)

Eliminates severe heat that affects both crew and electronics within a vehicle and can provide heat to maintain electronics in the required operating temperature range.

  • Maintains personnel and electronics in the temperature range required to minimize thermal stress and optimize operational efficiency
  • Scalable mechanical circulating system (600W to over 5000W)
  • Provides cool and warm fluid as required
  • Regulates the temperature of personnel (via a Vest and/or Positional AC System) and/or electronic systems (via a Cold Plate or Electronics Enclosure)
  • Battle proven – TRL-9; In use on multiple types of military and security vehicles
  • Meets Mil-Std-810
  • Easily installed in all vehicles (existing or new) with a 28VDC supply
  • Twin tubing (supply/return) is easily routed/installed to supply fluid to multiple “targets” (vests, enclosures, etc)
  • Can be adapted to operate on AC voltage for non-vehicle applications
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