Certified Non-Magnetic

Hand Tools

Non-Magnetic General Purpose EOD Tool Set (NMT-EOD Set A)


A general-purpose tool set for generic, non-specific, EOD tasks including mines/munition disposal operations.

Gives the capability to deal with older unexploded ordnance (UXO) while meeting the challenges of modern and potentially unknown types of weapons and devices.
Comprehensive set of non-magnetic and non-sparking tools providing explosives disposal specialists with a definitive, dependable and versatile equipment resource.
Experience has proven that operators can use this equipment with great confidence.

Developed in response to the specific requirements of NATO EOD units, and certified to NATO STANAG 2897 EOD Annex C (NATO Standardization Agreement for Magnetic Signature Design Criteria for EOD Equipment) when sold.

The inherent non-sparking property of EOD Non-Magnetic tools make them suitable for all EOD/IEDD tasks where an external hazard or risk of explosion exists (e.g. close proximity to oil fuel tanks or inside flammable gas-filled compartments).

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