Contain Blast Threats

From Suspicious Items

Blast Bin


A mobile blast container constructed from a composite woven material to withstand blast and fragments from IEDs.

  • Removable inner bag holds a suspect device in the upright position to allow X-ray inspection while in the container. The bag is fitted with handle loops to allow easy removal of the package for transportation to a safe area for further action.
  • Datum points are marked on the outside of the container to allow X-rays to be taken at specific points.
  • Fitted with rubber tire rings on the exterior so it can be rolled away from a sensitive area without removal of the package.
  • A detachable base plate is fitted to the unit to provide protection to the floor when in the upright position.
  • Dayglow orange to make the unit highly visible to all personnel.
  • Suitable for mail/post offices or courier warehouses.
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