A Lightweight

Mid-Sized Robot

Excellent capabilities, mobility and strength.

Avenger LT

Introducing the Avenger LT. A lightweight mid-sized robot with outstanding capabilities. This new system combines strength and speed into a compact, highly mobile, tactical response ground robot.

The AvengerLT is built for the demands of:

    • Military EOD
    • Public Safety Bomb Disposal
    • CBRNe and HazMat Operations
    • Tactical Operations


    • Can deploy recoilless and certain full recoil disruptors
    • Can also deploy CBRNe sensors and X-Ray equipment downrange with full connectivity to the operator, giving a clearer understanding of multiple threats.
    • Dexterous arm with 2m (6 ½’) Reach and 6 Degrees of Freedom
    • Excellent lift capability (up to 50 kg / 110 lb)
    • Pre-set features for enhanced Ease of Use
    • COFDM Point to Multi Point RF (dual channel) system
    • Multiple Firing Circuits and High Definition Cameras, including Pan-Zoom Camera systems
    • Mimic display to assist with positional awareness
    • GPS location

The AvengerLT is a man transportable and robust robot that offers EOD Teams and Bomb Squads the enhanced capabilities needed to complete a variety of challenging missions.


Avenger LT
Avenger LT Accessories